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Zero Fox Kids Clothing With Serious Attitude 

18 Aug 2017

In a world where shit seems to be hitting the fan (mostly thanks to the world’s biggest joke; President Trump) I thought I would mix the blog up a little bit this week and post something just plain old nice, and there isn’t anything nicer than cake.   

I was really lucky growing up because my mum made THE BEST birthday cakes in Bristol. I’m not just talking a boring old dry sponge, I’m talking Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs all asleep in bed, a princess castle with turrets and a chocolate finger roof and what can only be described as something that looked like a very over the top loo brush holder (a Barbie doll stuck in a hu...

9 Aug 2017

Today’s blog post is fuelled by a Vice article that I read in bed last night. It was one of those annoying click bait Facebook posts that my weak will made me read even though I knew it would be shit and I’d waste 3 minutes of my life that I’d never get back. Well am I glad I clicked on this beauty! It was entitled ‘We turned people into what they’ve always wanted to be’, OK you’ve reeled me in with a photo of the gorgeous lady who used to be preppy but is now covered in tattoos and looking freakin’ awesome.

It all started off quite innocuous, the Vice team were obviously having a bit of a slow day in the office so thought it woul...

25 Jul 2017

This blog post is very bittersweet for me but I want to take a moment and shout from the roof tops just how amazing Bristol Children's Hospital is. I mean it's INSANE just how incredible every single person who works in that building is. The doctors, the nurses, the porters, the receptionists, everyone there works so hard. They truly have the biggest most beautiful hearts, it makes me well up when I think about it (I mean really, big old hormonal mama tears right now). I hope that the majority of parents who live in the surrounding areas of Bristol never get to witness this greatness, not even for a rogue pea up the nostril or a...

17 Jul 2017

Holy crap, we've only gone and done it! We've launched. Zero Fox is no longer just a dream but a reality. An actual website with actual freakin' awesome threads which people can actually buy. It's been a long hard road getting here; there's been times where I've thought how can I fit starting a new business in around being a Mum to a tearaway toddler, a Wife to a tearaway husband (jokes, he's very low maintenance is Rob) and a busy television Production Manager? Well I tell you how I did it, I worked my arse off, I made the website in the evenings, came up with designs in my sleep and very handily got made redundant from my TV jo...

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