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Zero Fox Kids Clothing With Serious Attitude 


August 9, 2017

Today’s blog post is fuelled by a Vice article that I read in bed last night. It was one of those annoying click bait Facebook posts that my weak will made me read even though I knew it would be shit and I’d waste 3 minutes of my life that I’d never get back. Well am I glad I clicked on this beauty! It was entitled ‘We turned people into what they’ve always wanted to be’, OK you’ve reeled me in with a photo of the gorgeous lady who used to be preppy but is now covered in tattoos and looking freakin’ awesome.


It all started off quite innocuous, the Vice team were obviously having a bit of a slow day in the office so thought it would be a great idea to drag people off the street and dress them up to look like how they wish they could be. Cue the lady who always wanted tattoos, the man who wants to be a star trek fan (I didn’t realise you needed Vice’s help to be a fan of a TV show…) and the lady who wants to be a human doll (I mean, really?) But then up pops Melanie; ‘My name is Melanie, I’m 32. I’m being turned from a woman into a man. I’m doing this because I feel like men represent power and strength and I’d really like women to feel powerful and strong, which is why I’m becoming a man for a day’. OK. WTF? So many emotions ran through me. Firstly there was anger. How could this lady, in this day and age, where women are fighting to be heard and treated as equals, stand up and brazenly admit that she believes men are more powerful than woman? Then came the sadness, blimey she must have gone through something terrible to think this way, has she been beaten down at work by a male boss? Was there an abusive relationship in her past that turned her into thinking she was weak because she has boobs and possibly the ability to bear children? Then finally came the solidarity, this woman needs females (and males for that matter) to rally round her and show her that she is strong, she is powerful and she damn well doesn’t need a pair of slacks and an oversized maroon polo shirt to make her feel this way. If ever I feel like the weaker sex I remind myself that my body created a miracle baby the size of a watermelon that I then birthed for 25 freakin’ hours, and guess what, I survived the ordeal! I also remember my amazing Mum who, while I was growing up, laid a patio all by herself, made curtains from scratch and fixed anything in the house that broke with the help of a screwdriver and will power.


Women are not the weaker sex. Period.


It saddens me that in this day and age our young girls are being brought up with propaganda around every corner, pigeon-holing them into being the weaker sex who have to like princesses and unicorns whereas the boys will rule the world while riding on the back of a giant dinosaur. Morrison’s got called out on Twitter the other day for their current range of kids t shirt’s, ‘Little Man, Big Ideas’ versus ‘Little Girl, Big Smiles’ and this is exactly why we set up Zero Fox. Our kids shouldn’t be stereotyped or made to feel like they are stronger/weaker than the opposite sex. They need to be able to like and feel how they want. Boys can dress up in skirts and wear pink while playing with their tractors. Girls can dress up as batman, wear blue and be obsessed with Elsa from Frozen. Anything is cool because they’re explorers, they can explore this world and discover what floats their boat, and as we all know, that boat will sail off every freakin’ 5 minutes and be replaced by something new and amazing and equally exciting. But that’s cool. We just need to help our mini humans be their best selves and empower them to be strong, no matter where their journey takes them.

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